How Our Highly Requested Custom Homes Are Made

The steps & what to expect from start to finish

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Custom Homes

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DHP Builders is one of Georgia’s most trusted home providers for a reason. We are transparent in our process and what clients should expect from start to finish. Take a look below to gain some insight into our process that so many other residents call to be a part of every day.


As amazing as it would be, homes don’t just pop into existence out of thin air. It all starts at the pre-build stage as your home is designed by an architect. This is where the important questions are answered and nailed down

“How many square feet do we need?”
“Should all bedrooms be on the second floor?”
“What direction should the windows face?”

From how high the ceilings should be down to where a room’s light switch-in is placed are vital questions. It’s the little things that can add up to a great or miserable experience. We want to be as detailed as possible to deliver the dream home you’ve always wanted.

The last part of this phase involves lot purchasing. This is where we help you shop around for prime land in various neighborhoods. The rest of the project’s budget relies on shopping for great land deals here. Checking around for what the going rate per acre is in different areas will nab the best bang for your buck.


Site Preparation

This is where you can sit back and relax as DHP builders take care of the rest. Our skilled team will be clearing, excavating and leveling the lot based on the architect’s plan. The footprint of your future home will then be outlined using stakes. If this was a pregnancy, you can consider this the sonogram stage, except it won’t take 9 months for this beauty to arrive!



This is the type of “skeleton” you’ll want to find at the site of your new home. The three F’s of footings, foundation and framing are found here as the real construction beings. Footers framed by wood. Soon after, an inspector visits to verify everything up to code. Which, when it comes to our flawless work, we almost feel bad for them wasting the gas.



Like humans, people want their homes to be more than just a skeleton. This is where DHP Builders fleshes out your home with the functions it should have. Our master craftsmen start installing the technical aspects like cooling/heating units, plumbing lines and electrical systems.


Paint and Flooring

You're getting close to the end as the home’s structure is practically complete. However, it’s missing two personal parts through the flooring and paint. The flooring will be installed alongside the cabinets, trim and mouldings. Right behind the move-in, homeowners love this stage since their place finally looks like the drawings they saw at the start weeks ago!


Appliance Installation

What’s a house if you can’t take a shower or walk across a room in some light? This second to last step is pretty straightforward as your faucets, light fixtures, countertops and other appliances are installed. Once this is finished, that just leaves the best part of the custom home experience, the closing!


Closing Time

After weeks & weeks of anticipation, the day is finally here where you formally close the project before move in! You’ll make a walkthrough of the home, making a list of things that need to be corrected if any. You’ll even learn how to use the more high-tech features like the security system. After it is all said and done, you'll have the keys to your kingdom in your hands, enjoying it for a long time to come.

The Benefits of Buying A Georgia Custom Home

The steps & what to expect from start to finish

There is so much land out there waiting for you to stick your flag in the ground. Custom home buying is a less stressful experience that sees homeowners more fulfilled than any other type. This comes from the low maintenance and high personalization that creates a massive difference in energy bills, free time and quality of life.

Financial Benefits

New custom homes frequently have warranties alongside them. You don’t have to sweat anytime soon worrying about when will aspects of a home break like the AC/ heating systems, windows, etc. You also have the rare option to finance personal upgrades with your mortgage. This is uncommon as renovations typically are pulled out of the homeowner’s pocket.

Personal Customization

New isn’t always “new” as recently built homes can be considered such even if it’s had a previous owner. New means exactly that when you're dealing with custom homes. These places are customized to your family’s needs & desires. From the appliances to the tile your feet walk across, everything has your personal touch.

Energy Efficiency

When you purchase a new home, you are saving a ton of money in the long run. New homes are made with energy-efficient features that give homeowners a leg up on most of the country. These houses have improved insulation techniques that retain welcomed heat and cool air. New custom homes carry eco-friendly appliances and plumbing that will reduce your monthly utility bills.

More Time For What Matters

Custom homes give you more time for whatever your passion in life is. It can be time better spent with family, working on a personal project or simply relaxing. House hunting is more difficult than ever since the market is so competitive these days. So many people competing for the same scarce opportunities is an unnecessary stress in your life. Custom homes allow you to move with ease knowing your place is secured and won’t need repairs on arrival.


Nothing Gets in The Way of Obtaining Your Dream Home

Custom homes are easier to get you and your family into than ever with flexible financing options. Don’t miss out on getting in these beautiful one-of-a-kind custom homes.

Types of Loans

There are three transactions that take place during the custom home process. These exchanges take place during the land purchase, construction and mortgage. The types of loans usually involved are:

Lot Loans

These are needed unless you already own the land or are paying cash for the property.

Construction Loans

These are not offered at every financial institution. These loans are for a short duration and are typically only gained through custom builders like DHP Builders

Mortgage Based Loan

This loan is for a completed home. The buyer saves in paying closing costs the party that took a construction-to-permanent (mortgage) loan.

What You Should Need In The Loan Process

We’re ready to hear about your project. Just answer a few questions to help us understand your specific needs and we’ll take it from there.


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We’re ready to hear about your project. Just answer a few questions to help us understand your specific needs and we’ll take it from there.